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Here are links to my publications:

Cogan, R. (2020). Future of Nursing 2020-2030 Philadelphia Town Hall: Lessons Shared From a Relentless School Nurse. NASN School Nurse. doi: 10.1177/1942602×19896836

Cogan, R., Nickitas, D.M., Mazyck, D. et al. Curr Trauma Rep (2019).  Link to Open Access article: School Nurses Share Their Voices, Trauma, and Solutions by Sounding the Alarm on Gun Violence

The Impact of Gun Violence Across Three Generations

Cogan, R., & Kiefner, J. (2019, September 1). COMPLEMENTARY COLLABORATORS: SCHOOL COUNSELORS AND SCHOOL NURSES. Retrieved September 30, 2019, from

Guest Editorial, Nursing Economics Journal: NURSING ECONOMIC$/May-June 2019/Vol. 37/No. 3.

Cogan, R. (2019). Creating Partnerships that Reflect the Collective Will of Healthcare Professionals: An Interview with Megan Ranney. Nursing Economics, 37(3), May/June 2019. Retrieved from

Op-ed in the Star-Ledger June 2, 2019: What would MLK say about all the shootings, gun violence? Ask a school nurse.

Betancourt, J., & Cogan, R. (2019). Sesame Street and School Nurses Join in a “Circle of Care”. NASN School Nurse. doi:10.1177/1942602×18822514

Pediatric Adversity and Early Brain Development A toolkit for the integration of social determinants of health into curricula  (Two blog posts are included as recommended reading! Module 4, page 14)

AFFIRM Research – Perspectives: No More Empty Desks

Promoting Health and Learning School Nursing Practice in New Jersey’s Public Schools Practice Guide (Collaborating author and member of the NJSSNA steering committee)

Trauma-Responsive Schools Must Be the New Gold Standard in Education.

Guest Editorial: Why I Became a School Nurse Activist

Redesigning School Nursing Education in New Jersey to Address the Challenges and Opportunities of Population Health

NJ AAP National Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month E-Newsletter

Pediatricians + School Nurses = Powerful Partners