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#NASNat50 Celebrating NASN’s 50th Anniversary!


How can it be that NASN has reached that certain age of maturity? Those big round numbers give us all pause and ask us to look back at where we started, where we are presently and what the next chapter has in store. So, we have arrived at this moment of reflection. Those life-cycle moments where we do a self-inventory, marvel and how we have grown and wonder where the time has gone?

I was checking my horoscope recently and to my surprise and delight, this is what it said:

Stories are the way we pass on knowledge from one generation to the next.
Your story matters. Believe it. Work on it. Refine it.


@Nina Fekaris, MS, BSN, RN, NCSN, NASN President, shared her vision and mission this year, during her inaugural speech, to tell our stories, share who we are and what we do as school nurses. As NASN begins our 50th Anniversary celebration, this gives us the perfect opportunity to expand Nina’s message to include telling the story of our beloved organization. NASN’s history is held in our collective experiences and memories.

This past week, Nina introduced a new initiative to gather the stories from our members that weave the tapestry of the history of NASN through our recollections. We are collecting these stories by asking for your memories of specific topics posted on SchoolNurseNet communities using this unique “tag” #NASNat50

@Sharon Conley, BA, NASN Web-based Technology Director, has created a brief video that gives clear directions about using “tags”, especially #NASNat50:

Over the next few months, I will be posting some “writing prompts” to stimulate ideas to dig a bit deeper and get those memory synapses moving.  Here is a sample of this month’s prompts:

What do you remember most about your first NASN Conference?

Who was your favorite speaker?
What was the theme of the Conference?
Where was the Conference held?

Share a funny moment, what stands out?

We are hoping to collect stories from all 50 years! Remember to use the tag: #NASNat50 when you share your memories, whether it is in a SchoolNurseNet Community or through your own blog. Think of this project as a NASN time capsule, capturing our individual memories to be shared as NASN moves into the next decade.

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