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The Relentless School Nurse: Virtual ACEs Film Festival

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ACEs Connection has created another opportunity to screen a trauma-inspired film and to unpack the experience through a live Twitter Chat! Now it just does not get any better than this, a movie and a chat. I have participated in several over the course of this past year and they are outstanding.

This one is BIG! Darrell Hammond was the focus of a documentary called Cracked Up: The Long Arm Of Childhood Trauma. The film shares the darkest secrets that Darrell was carrying as he built a brilliant comedic career on camera as he was crumbling off stage.

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Sign up by Friday, June 7th! You will have access to stream the documentary beginning Sunday afternoon June 9th and then participate in the Twitter Chat on Monday evening June 10th! Darrel Hammond, along with the Director Michelle Esrick and some special surprise guests will be participating in the Twitter Chat. What an opportunity for all of us!

Sign up by clicking below:

Darrell Hammond, Subject of Cracked Up, Will Be Joining Twitter Chat!!

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