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The Relentless School Nurse: What Happened at School Today – Update From Liz Pray!

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Liz Pray, MSN-Ed, RN, NCSN

As many of the readers of this blog may remember, Liz Pray submitted the very first What Happened at School Today post this past winter. Today, Liz provides this update to her original post.

Here is a link to the original post:

And here is today’s update from Liz:

Since I shared my original story so much has happened both good and bad as does with any nurse. Toward the end of March, I inadvertently acquired another building of almost 500 students bringing the caseload to around 2100. Honestly, I was having difficulty keeping up with the three buildings originally assigned. The struggle is real and there have been some near misses the last couple of months. However, I have a new outlook after joining a state staffing committee as a WEA (Washington Education Association) representative for school nurses. The shift since my original story has been to be a voice in a sea of educators. My voice will represent approximately 1000 school nurses across our state. I will be the voice that educates and makes a change along with all my other school nurse partners. Together our voice can make a change.

– Liz Pray, MSN-Ed, RN, NCSN

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