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The Relentless School Nurse: There is NO More Turning Away

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The tiny arm clinging onto her father’s neck struggling to hold on was not enough to save this father and daughter from a most horrific death. Desperation clearly drove this father’s decision to cross the Rio Grande to bring his daughter to a country that he believed promised a better life. But their scramble to cross the river ended in a double tragedy.

We are a country of immigrants and asylum seekers. That is our history, have we become amnesiac to what our country was built upon?  I know that there are legions of Americans who are as totally sickened and outraged as I am. There are national groups of healthcare professionals speaking out, raising their voices in outrage at the barbaric treatment of children and families. But outrage is not a strategy! Action is…

The Father and Daughter Who Drowned at the Border Were Desperate for a Better Life

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