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The Relentless School Nurse: Blooming Buddies Workshop Episode #2 is Ready!

Blooming Buddies Workshop has released a new episode called, Sonny Calms Down! Enjoy this clever message that addresses upset and frustration in a safe and thoughtful way. Annie has done it again!

Annie and her bud Sonny happily enjoy their efforts after planting a new row of flowers in the Blooming Buddies Workshop garden. But sunny smiles turn upside down when their hard work is unexpectedly jumbled. Grab your sun hat and join Annie to help Sonny calm down! Includes: Deep breathing for emotional self-regulation, AB patterns, and ASL Keep blooming, buddy! Enjoy free printable coloring and activity sheets, available now on BloomingBuddiesWorkshop.com!  – Created by: Annalyce P. D’Agostino Theme Music by: Scott Jung

-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloomingbuddiesworkshop/

-YouTube: https://youtu.be/zvpmu71Yphs


Plus, check out free printable coloring and activity sheets, available with each episode release, here: https://www.bloomingbuddiesworkshop.com/printables

-Learn more about me and my creative endeavors here: AnnalyceCreates.com

Here is a link to Episode 1: https://relentlessschoolnurse.com/2019/05/14/the-relentless-school-nurse-meet-annie-edutainer-creator-of-blooming-buddies-workshop

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