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The Relentless School Nurse: School Nurses Collaborating with School Counselors For Better Health Outcomes

When nurses share our expertise across sectors, it is called “outward-facing.” When we share within our profession it is called “inward-facing.” I have been on a mission to #AmplifyNursing by seeking more outward-facing opportunities to share the work of school nursing. This article is an example of reaching outside of school nursing by submitting a manuscript to a non-nursing journal. 

I encourage my amazing colleagues to join me in this pursuit of sharing the true work of school nursing. If we don’t tell people what we do, they come to their conclusions. School counselors and school nurses have much to share to improve the health outcomes of students. We are on the same team! 

Thank you to the American School Counselors Association for accepting this article for publication. Special appreciation to my co-author and editor, Jeanne Kiefner, our Head School Nurse!


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