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The Relentless School Nurse: Join Me on ‘Not “Just” a Nurse Day’ October 17, 2019

I am so thrilled to announce that I am a participant in the inaugural ‘Not “Just” a Nurse’ Day happening October 17th, 2019.

Not “Just” a Nurse Day is a FREE virtual summit and social media takeover and I am one of the presenters for the summit!

I am speaking about “Amplifying the Voice of Nursing Through Social Media” and I would be thrilled if you joined me!

It’s 100% free to participate, all you need is access to a computer or smartphone. More details are coming soon, but if you want to join nurses from all over the globe in standing up and saying I am not “JUST” a nurse, visit to register and you’ll be kept in the loop as we release more information about how you can participate and win some amazing giveaways!

I believe in the Power of Nurses to change the world but first we need to shift our thinking from the “just a nurse” mentality and understand that, even through the simplest acts of care and service, we can be agents of change.

Our opinions

Our expertise

Our work


…and it is up to us to honour our own value. 

That’s why NOT “JUST” A NURSE DAY is so near + dear to my heart. 

During Not “Just” a Nurse day and beyond, we will inspire thousands of nurses to shift away from the “just” a nurse mentality and explore opportunities for leadership within our incredible profession.

It’s time for us to lead our profession into the future, stronger and healthier than ever before. Will you join us?

As a registered participant of Not “Just” A Nurse Day you’ll have opportunities to win our Nurse Leaders Giveaway, you’ll get access to all of the mini summit talks including the replays and, you’ll be part of our (r)evolution through an exciting social media takeover. Follow along with us at #notjustanurse, #proudnurse, #amplifynursing 

Register your participation here now (It’s 100% FREE):

I’ll see you there!

Robin Cogan, The Relentless School Nurse

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