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The Relentless School Nurse: An Important Update from Nurse/Filmmaker Natania Abebe

Natania Abebe is a nurse and filmmaker who is a living a life of craftivism, where art/craft intersects with activism = craftivism.  Natania is a using art, filmmaking, and writing to express her experience as a new nurse, a woman of color and young professional entering a working world mired in sexism, racism and antiquated views of what it means to be a nurse in the 21st Century.

Her most recent creation is a short film about a woman’s relationship with her brain and how this affects her mental health.

According to Natania,  This video is meant to have a more “playful/humorous side” in addressing mental health issues.

Here is a link to Natania’s first guest blog that was published in 2019:

The Relentless School Nurse: Meet Nurse/Filmmaker Natania Abebe, RN, Whose Mission is “Advancing Nursing Through Media Representation”

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