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The Relentless School Nurse: Twelve Perspectives on Gun Violence in America

The Topical Collection on Gun Violence has been published by Current Trauma Reports.  Seeing the full breadth of the scope of contributors to this special edition of Current Trauma Reports brings me to a moment of pause and reflection on how far this journey has taken us all. I believe that the conversation around gun violence, safety, school safety and most importantly, prevention is penetrating the collective consciousness. 

Contributing to this change in perspective, ability to hold courageous conversations, and meeting incredible healthcare professionals from all sectors adds to the impact of this work. It is hard to stay focused on such a potentially debilitating topic, but hope is created through partnerships and small breakthroughs. That hope keeps me fueled to proceed in what often feels like an echo chamber of loneliness. But I know that I am not alone and those working across this country to make a difference in gun violence prevention are not alone either. 

The special collection is introduced by an eloquently written piece by Dr. Richard Carmona, Former 17th US Surgeon General who happens to also be a trained nurse. Dr. Carmona has been a champion to school nurses for many years. I was especially touched that he included the following message in his introduction:

“In addition, front-line nurses like school nurse Robin Cogan and co-authors discuss the impact of gun violence within schools from their Curr Trauma Rep perspectives. Their observations and skills that are outlined in School Nurses Share Their Voices, Trauma, and Solutions by Sounding the Alarm on Gun Violence are crucial to ensuring the health and safety of students, staff, and faculty within schools and the surrounding community. These school nurses are critical to the design and implementation of these programs that keep students safe and ready to learn.” – Richard Carmona, MD 17th Surgeon General of the United States

Here are links to the 12 articles included in this special edition of Current Trauma Reports: Topical Collection on Gun Violence. My heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Peter Masiakos for extending the invitation to write an article for the journal and to my co-authors, Donna Nickitas, Donna Mazyck, and Sunny Hallowell for your friendship and sharing your talents and passion. 

Life on Both Sides of the Gun: a Surgeon General’s Call to Action  – Richard Carmona:

A Review of Gun Buybacks — Hirsh, et al.:

#ThisIsOurLane: Incorporating Gun Violence Prevention into Clinical Care — Sacks, Hathi:

The Scope of the Problem: Gun Violence in the USA –  Hemenway, Nelson:

Building Consensus to Decrease Firearm Injuries and Death in the USA: Engaging Medical and Public Health Organizations to Find Common Ground:

Turning Experience into Action: This Is Our Lane:

Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Programs to Address Social Determinants of Health and Violence:

Developing Data-Driven Solutions to Firearm Violence:

School Nurses Share Their Voices, Trauma, and Solutions by Sounding the Alarm on Gun Violence:

A Worldwide Perspective Provides Insights into why a US Surgeon General Annual Report on Firearm Injuries Is Needed in America:

Law Enforcement: a Vital Partnership in the Public Health Approach to Gun Violence:

Disparities in Firearm Injury: Consequences of Structural Violence:

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