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The Relentless School Nurse: School Nursing is Political in the Era of Coronavirus!

Washington State School Nurse leaders, Lynn Nelson and Tessa McIlraith highlight that school nurses on the front lines of infectious disease surveillance. Lynn and Tessa are sounding the alarm on the need for appropriate and safe staffing for school nurses in Washington schools. The School Nurse Corps bill is currently being considered in the Washington State legislature. Lynn and Tessa write a compelling plea to properly fund school nursing services. A link to their excellent article is below:

Here is the text for the petition being circulated to demand Senators in Washington State include fund the School Nurse Corps bill that is included in the budget from the House of Representatives. 

Ask Senators to Match House Funding for School Nurses

Lynn Nelson, MSNRN is a member of WSNA’s Legisla­tive & Health Policy Council. Tessa McIlraith is the Legisla­tive Chair for the School Nurse Organi­za­tion of Washington and a practicing school nurse.


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