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The Relentless School Nurse: Dear Parents, A Message From Your School Nurse

Dear Parents/Caregivers:

These are certainly challenging times filled with uncertainty and concern that are impacting our entire community, and country. The next few weeks will determine if we have had success in mitigating the spread of COVID19. It will take a complete disruption in the rhythm and flow of our normal schedules to change outcomes. We will get back to work and school, but for now, we have to face the unknown with assurance that we can work through these challenging times. 

As your school nurse, I plan to be in touch with our teachers and students through video check-ins. I have some books that I plan to read, and as always, I am available to answer questions and help find solutions to health care questions. 

I found some resources that may make this period of home schooling or distance learning a bit less stressful. One thing I can absolutely recommend is to keep your children on a schedule during the school day. Ask them what their day is like, they will tell you what they do hour by hour. Kids respond to routines. I am sure the teachers will share resources that will include the daily schedule of activities. If not, create one that involves your children helping to design their learning plan. It will keep them engaged and give them ownership over their education, preschoolers included!

Take good care, be well, we are in this together!

Signed your school nurse <3

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