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The Relentless School Nurse: Calling Nurses, Share Your Expertise Via a COVID19 Phone Helpline

Thank you @BethToner  for sharing this important opportunity for Nurses to contribute our time & expertise via a volunteer phone helpline:


Volunteer Helpline: 


We are recruiting volunteers to staff a phone helpline that will strengthen community response to the coronavirus public health emergency.

The helpline volunteers will speak with callers to discuss their needs, concerns and health conditions. We are particularly looking for health professionals who are retired or self-quarantined at home and can take calls routed from community clinics dealing with a surge of patients.

This is a great opportunity to do some good while social distancing or quarantining at home. To sign-up as a volunteer fill out the form linked below that should take no more then ten minutes to complete. Volunteers will be contacted on a rolling basis as needed.

The Coronavirus Support Network is being co-lead by Breanna Lathrop and Joseph Agoada. Both are Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Leaders. Breanna has spent over a decade providing health care to individuals and families who lack health insurance. Joseph has over a decade of communications and technology experience in public health emergencies around the world. 





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