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The Relentless School Nurse: Have You Ever Attended a #TwitterConference? Welcome to Nursing Mutual Aid 2020 #NMA2020!

UPDATE!  #NMA2020 abstract submission deadline has been extended to APRIL 20TH! Please share within your networks, we are getting international submissions, so this is a worldwide response!


In light of the rapidly changing situation re: #Covid19, #NMA2020 has EXPANDED to feature NEW (not previously peer-reviewed) abstracts with knowledge/perspectives relevant to NURSING THE COMMUNITY in the context of this pandemic Pls consider sharing your expertise & RT!

Calling all nurses, nursing students & faculty who have had presentations, posters, and podiums canceled by COVID19! Read about this innovative initiative that will bring together a virtual nursing conference through #Twitter. The theme is Nursing Mutual Aid (#NMA2020), a description is below, along with the details of how to submit an abstract and participate as either a presenter or a learner. The #NMA2020 conference is Thursday, April 30, 2020, abstracts are due Tuesday, April 10th!

Co-created by nurses & midwives to support mutual aid, to foster global connections, & to amplify nursing knowledge from conferences & other events recently canceled by Covid-19.


o To create a virtual platform & community through which nurses and scholars of nursing can share opportunities to participate in mutual aid. (For more on what “mutual aid” means, click here)

 o To curate a Twitter conference where nurses and scholars of nursing present and discuss knowledge from previously-accepted, peer-reviewed posters, presentations, and plenary talks recently canceled due to Covid-related disruptions.

o To amplify nursing scholarship, especially the scholarship of folx who are students or recent graduates, early career, and/or occupy positionalities currently marginalized within nursing and writ large.

o To create a sense of connection and foster solidarity, locally and globally, during a time of social distancing and uncertainty.

o To communicate the value and impact of nursing scholarship to media, multidisciplinary partners, and the public.

o To offer an experience & content that is:

Free & Open-Access



Nursing Mutual Aid 2020



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  1. Love this idea, Robin et al. Is this a specific time on the 30th? Or will it be like a vault of presentations that we can access at any time?

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