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The Relentless School Nurse: It Takes A Nurse During COVID19 and Beyond

Beth Toner, MSN, RN is the Senior Communications Director at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. She has found a career path that marries her writing skills with nursing. How lucky is she? Beth is also wearing a new cap, that of Guest Editor for “It Takes a Nurse”, an online community for nurses in all specialty areas and practice settings. It is a space for nurses to share how we impact our community’s health! This week’s question is:


I have been proud to be a nurse every single day since the day—10 years ago—I received my nursing pin, but never prouder than I am right now. My front-line colleagues in ICUs and ERs feel the fear of COVID-19, too, but their commitment to their patients is unwavering, despite sheer exhaustion and lack of adequate personal protective equipment.

We love to talk about our profession being the most trusted—and it is—but right now, nurses’ compassion drives them to find creative ways to connect with and care for patients with this disease that is so isolating.

One nurse said she used laptop Zoom sessions to allow patients to talk to the family. I bet many of you have engineered similar solutions. Tell me about them.              – Beth Toner  

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