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The Relentless School Nurse: Where is the Real CDC?

Our country is not prepared to lift public health mitigation strategies that have kept us safe.  I write this, even as some states are prematurely easing restrictions. The serious ramifications of the slowness and disorganization of the Federal Government’s response to this pandemic will be felt for years to come. We are about to proceed, even without proper guidelines, to re-open our country. If history is a window to our present, the second wave of this virus which could hit in the fall, as we return to school, could be much worse.

The denial of the existence of this virus in the early parts of January and February have silenced the experts from the CDC. There is a continued refusal from the White House to embrace science.  The most recent version of guidelines from the CDC is completely blocked and a watered-down decision-making tree gives no specifics. It is a juvenile, oversimplified document for the most consequential public health crisis of our lifetime. We are living through the ‘death of expertise.’ Where is the real CDC? 



CDC offers brief checklists to guide businesses, schools and others on reopening

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