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The Relentless School Nurse: COVID19 Contract Tracing is Story Collecting

Melanie Rogers, MPH, RN, is a COVID19 case investigator in Colorado. She shared a moving series of Tweets about her work. Reading through this thread reveals that contact tracing also takes an emotional toll on those tasked with collecting COVID19 stories. Sometimes the stories do not end happily ever after…

Wear masks, maintain social distancing, be safe, and follow the science, not the hype.

Bio:  Melanie Rogers, MPH, BSN, RN is a public health nurse in the state of Colorado. Throughout her years in practice, she has been active in professional organizations for public health nursing and encourages all nurses to get involved with the organizations of their specialties. Melanie can be found on Twitter at  or working with nursing students when they are on public health rotations. She is also the founder of the #NoJournalsNoEPB movement.

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