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The Relentless School Nurse: #WhereIsYourSchoolNurse

The leadership of SNOW – School Nurse Organization of Washington (best acronym ever) has secured seats at the state level school re-entry planning table. There is no waiting for invitations friends, we have to invite ourselves. Whether you work through partner organizations, like AAP, lobbyists through your unions, or state organizations, it can and is happening for school nurses across the country.

What inspires me about the story of SNOW, and their journey is that they have created #WhereIsYourSchoolNurse, to spotlight the movement to have a school nurse in every school. The ratios in Washington state are untenable, many school nurses cover multiple buildings.

In the era of COVID19, it has never been more imperative to have safe staffing.  What is happening in Washington mirrors states across this country. Thank you SNOW for your leadership, let’s help them get #WhereIsYourSchoolNurse trending!

The leadership of SNOW shared this video to update its members on what is happening in the planning committee meetings they have attended. This method of communication is powerful, personal, and educational.  I look forward to sharing more updates from this group of school nurse leaders.

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