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The Relentless School Nurse: A Better Normal, Community Discussion on the Power of Discord

Cissy White is co-hosting an ACEs Connection community discussion that is a must-attend event! The information for this blog post is retrieved directly from

A Better Normal, Community Discussion, Fri., June 5th at        3 p.m. EST., on The Power of Discord with Claudia Gold, MD, and Ed Tronick, Ph.D.

Please join us on Friday, June 5th for “A Better Normal’ community discussion with @Ed Tronick, Ph.D., and @Claudia Gold, MD. They will be discussing the work in their new book The Power of Discord, Why the Ups and Downs of Relationships are the Secret to Building Intimacy, Resilience, and Trust, which they co-wrote (details about the authors and the book below). 

This discussion will be hosted by @Cissy White (ACEs Connection Staff) who is the Parenting with ACEs Community Manager and moderated by @Alison Cebulla (ACEs Connection Staff) who is the Community Facilitator for the Northeast Region. 

To register in advance, please go here

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Our current capacity is 100 participants, so please join us on time and we will enter people until we reach capacity. These will be recorded and available on the ACEsConnection website. 

  • We hope you can join us on Friday, June 5th at 3 p.m. EST.
    • Again, to register in advance, go here
  • Please find excerpts from the press release about this book below along with author biographies. 

About the BookPower of

Dr. Tronick is perhaps best known for his work in the landmark psychological evaluation known as The Still Face Experiment, which explored the facets of infant development in 1975. Subsequent research at Harvard, based on this landmark experiment, revealed the fundamental importance of social connection and informed the study of human relationships more broadly for decades to come. In the ensuing years, Dr. Tronick’s research served as a foundation for a number of social and psychological studies that shed light on how we as people navigate our personal, work, and civic lives. It’s this work, combined with Dr. Gold’s clinical experience, that informs the philosophy behind THE POWER OF DISCORD: namely, that messiness in relationships is normal — and, as individuals, our sense of self and ability to be close to others is bolstered by welcoming it. 

Our modern world is rife with tension and division, and we each have unique motivations and intentions. But when we engage in the often-complex work of figuring things out together, we grow and change together. Drawing on real-life examples, THE POWER OF DISCORD reveals that this is the path to forming deep, lasting, trusting relationships; developing resilience in times of stress and trauma; and nourishing a solid sense of yourself in the world. By working through polarizing conflict and becoming flexible in our thinking, we unlock better connections with romantic partners, family, friends, and colleagues alike. 

About the Authors:

Ed tEd Tronick, Ph.D., is a developmental neuroscientist and clinical psychologist and University Distinguished Professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston, where he is chief faculty of the Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellowship Program. He is a research associate in the Division of Newborn Medicine at Harvard Medical School and the author of five books and more than 450 scientific papers.

His current research focuses on the behavior and physiology of infants’ and mothers’ coping with stress, infant memory for stress and its relation to trauma, epigenetic processes affecting infants’ and parents’ behavior, and the factors leading to relapse in new mothers with opioid use disorder. 

Claudia GClaudia M. Gold, MD, is a pediatrician and writer who has practiced general and behavioral pediatrics for more than twenty years and currently specializes in infant-parent mental health. She is the author of The Developmental Science of Early Childhood, The Silenced Child, and Keeping Your Child in Mind.

Dr. Gold is a pediatrician, infant-family specialist, and the director of The Hello It’s Me Project. She is on the faculty at the University of Massachusetts Boston Infant-Parent Mental Health Program. To find more about Dr. Gold and her books and work, or to read her blog, writes regularly for her blog Child in Mind, please visit her website: 

Topics we will discuss:

  • Why the authors wrote this book together.
    • “Claudia’s Story: From Managing to Listening”
    • “Ed’s Story: The Still-Face Paradigm”
  • Key Concepts from the Book
    • The Power of Discord
    • From Mismatch to Repair
    • Good Enough Parenting
    • Resilience Reconsidered 
  • Parenting with ACEs: Support & Transformation
    • Individual Parents & Practitioners
    • Communities, Systems & Society

Join special guests Ed Tronick, Ph.D., and Claudia Gold, MD on Fri., June 5th, at 3 p.m. EST. To register in advance, go here. 

Cissy’s Note: Dr. Gold shared her wisdom, compassion, and expertise a few years ago when she was featured as a guest in our Parenting with ACEs chat series. Find highlights from that in this blog post entitled, Dr. Claudia Gold: Empathy & Listening as ACE-Informed Practice

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