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The Relentless School Nurse: Nurses – Share Your COVID-19 WikiWisdom

This is a crowd-sourcing opportunity to gather the collective wisdom of nurses from all practice specialties who have been working through the pandemic. Let’s not lose the lessons from COVID-19. We will need them for the next time…
The Frontline Nurses Wiki Forum, is a collaborative project of Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing & Berman Institute of Ethics, AJN, and with author and New York Times blogger Theresa Brown. 
We want to hear from nurses who have worked/are working with patients who have had COVID-19. Nurses don’t have to be hospital-based, and in fact, nurse voices from other settings are most welcome – managers, home care, school nurses, public health, travel nurses, deployed military – all nurses.
But the idea is not just to get stories, but to go beyond that and solicit ideas from those at the point of care and dealing with the crisis about how things need to change for a better response in the future. From those who post, we’ll solicit some key folks to participate in conversations about how we can go forward. 


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