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The Relentless School Nurse: Part 2 Webinar – Medical Guidance for School Reopening

I am honored to participate in an upcoming panel focusing on medical guidance for school reopening this coming Thursday evening, June 25th at 8:00 ET.  This webinar is sponsored by RestartEd, a group of NJ school superintendents who are reimagining what is possible in public education. There are many questions that must be answered so we can safely return to school this fall.  In fact, those questions have grown to 360!

The CDC has issued “considerations for schools” and some state Departments of Education and Health have slowly been issuing guidance.  School districts are being given “parameters” to interpret.  School districts throughout the nation are being placed in very difficult circumstances to interpret and determine public health policies and practices.

As a result of the lack of guidance for reopening, a group of NJ Superintendents have been working together to lead discussions on numerous topics surrounding reopening or re-entry in the fall 2020.  The lack of guidance has lead us to start RestartED (Twitter @RestartEDteam).  We are a grassroots movement of five superintendents who continue to raise concerns about safely reopening schools and operating in a COVID / post-COVID world. We are bringing together stakeholders across the country to collaborate on solutions to these questions.  Our hope is to turn the global health crisis into an opportunity to come out stronger and rethink, reimagine, and restart education.  -RestartEd

Join us for a panel of epidemiologists, public health officials, nurses, and superintendents discussing Medical Guidance for School Reopening

Part 2 on June 25, 8:00 pm EST

Register by signing up here:

Here’s a recap of the June 18th Virtual Town Hall: Medical Guidance for School Reopening


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