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The Relentless School Nurse: Dr. Megan Ranney on Reframing the Conversation Around Gun Violence

Explore the Space is a podcast that ‘examines the interface between healthcare & society, with thought leaders from across the spectrum.’ Created by Dr. Mark Shapiro to hold conversations that matter. This week’s conversation is with Dr. Megan Ranney, the Chief Research Officer for AFFIRM Research. This discussion focuses on the power of community to create change, whether it is about gun violence prevention or COVID19. 

Megan Ranney, MD

Episode 189: Megan Ranney On Transforming Gun Violence Conversations

The podcast also highlights this weekend’s virtual #RockTheRide event, a fundraiser to give participants a sense of agency to make a difference in the epidemic of gun violence prevention. Help create change and hope through joining #RockTheRide:

Rock the Ride was created as a way for the community to get involved by using their voice (and feet) to raise funds for local and national nonprofit organizations addressing critical issues on gun violence. The power of our collective voice is what will make the difference to keep our nation a safer, more civil and kinder place to live, thrive and stay alive.




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