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The Relentless School Nurse: My Adventures in Media – First Stop CNN


The power of a quote cannot be underestimated. The one that got the attention of The New York Times, CNN, Fox29 News, and CBS Evening News was my response to school reopening in the midst of a pandemic. This is the quote that has added to a national conversation about school safety.

“I’m just going to say it: It feels like we’re playing Russian roulette with our kids and our staff.” 

Maybe my words sound alarming, and they are, but when I look at the state of or country, the virus is overtaking state after state from a lack of national public health response, I stand by my words. I absolutely want to return to school, so many of my colleagues do as well, but science has to lead the way. 

CNN interview with Kate Bolduan – 7/12/2020

     CNN interview with Erin Burnett – 7/13/2020

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  1. Yes, a good quote can get it jumpstarted. The Stat article where the nurse said she feared the management more than Covid is another example. Glad you are bringing attention to your concerns. The media is a hard nut to crack. Feeding frenzy mentality.

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