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The Relentless School Nurse: Add This to Your COVID19 School Nurse Tool-Kit

Holly David is one of the busiest school nurses I know! She moderates the School Nursing Facebook group, creates amazing initiatives like #HopeYouSoap, and in her spare time, designs flow charts to share with all of us. Here is what Holly did on Saturday! It is a COVID screening flowchart. There is a link at the end of this blog post to a pdf version for you to use and share with colleagues.  Thank you Holly, keep going, we need all the evidence-based help we can get!

Bio: Holly David RN; a 25+year winding path of nursing experience. Holly began with OB/GYN where her love of teaching took place, became a hypnobirth educator and certified hypnotist, took on roles in-home care, evolved into sales and administrative roles, and eventually honed her marketing skills with multiple start-up companies. She now says she is in year 8 of her final 25-year path where she found school nursing was the perfect scratch to an itch of finding the perfect career-ending plan.  Nothing would make Holly happier than to be back in the school nurse office caring for students and staff but since the very beginning of the pandemic took on a role with the department of health setting up SOPs for multiple COVID testing sites as well as antibody screening clinics and eventually tackling the nursing home challenges as a result of COVID. Among all these distracting activities she developed and launched the #hopeyousoap campaign. Holly is a proud wife & mom of 2 college-aged sons, huge Mets & Islanders fan, avid photographer, and loves binge-watching lots of great TV. She is always willing to mentor and share with her sister/brother nurses her experiences all with a sense of humor. @NurseHolly89 @hopeyousoap1


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