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The Relentless School Nurse: Join Our Free Virtual Film Festival & Live Discussion

Transform Trauma with ACEs Sciences Film Festival & Follow-Up Discussions

ACES Connection, The Relentless School Nurse, and the Center For Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice (CTIPP) has joined forces to create a trauma-informed virtual film festival! Our program will run quarterly through June of 2021. We will feature a documentary that will be available to view on ACES Connection over a weekend and then a follow-up discussion on an evening during the week. The first film we will be viewing is:

Portraits of Professional CAREgivers: Their Passion, Their Pain

 The documentary film based on interviews with nurses, social workers, clinical psychologists, doctors, firefighters, first responders who rescue, assist, and help to heal the injured and traumatized—and also tell their own remarkable and often painful stories. The film takes us on a journey into a world the public rarely sees, depicting emotional costs experienced by professional care providers and probing the emotional consequences of professional public service.

The film asks the question: How are professional caregivers and first responders affected emotionally and physically? Who helps them? Viewers discover that engaged, empathic caregiving can sometimes be an occupational hazard; we explore the painful and human sides of these professions and vulnerable responses to trauma — Compassion Fatigue — also known as Secondary Traumatic Stress or Vicarious Trauma. The film also addresses high levels of career satisfaction and professional meaning that caregivers experience. Ultimately, the film provides ways to cope and recover from toxic stress in the workplac

Here is a link to the full schedule of our film festival:

Transform Trauma with ACEs Science Film Festival & Follow-Up Discussions

Special appreciation to Cissy White and ACES Connection for hosting this important opportunity to view these powerful documentaries. We are looking forward to robust discussions with the generous documentarians who will be joining our live discussions. 


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