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The Relentless School Nurse: The Transform Trauma with ACEs Science Film Festival Has Begun!

Films have been instrumental in helping us understand individual, generational, and historical trauma – and healing. Documentaries can inspire and inform public policy and system-level change as well and that is why ACEs Connection, CTIPP, and the Relentless School Nurse have come together to stream documentaries from this community site , quarterly, starting in September of 2020.

We held our inaugural event to discuss the first documentary in our film festival, Portraits of Professional Caregivers by Vic Compher & Rodney Whittenberg, the filmmakers. Here is a link to the thoughtful discussion about secondary trauma that professional caregivers experience. Our deepest appreciation to both Vic and Rodney for their generosity of spirit in sharing their film with our community and spending the evening deepening discussions. The main goals for making the film according to the filmmakers was three-fold:

  1. The film would be a vehicle to reduce the stigma of mental around dealing with mental health issues.
  2. Raise public awareness that professional caregivers are human and are impacted by vicarious trauma experienced through their intense work environments. 
  3. Impact political and/or social change.

The good news is that the film has achieved those three lofty goals, and the need is certainly amplified during the pandemic. The film is as timely today, maybe even more so than when it was originally released in 2015. Secondary trauma, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue are front and center today as we awaken to how this pandemic has created a collective trauma.

In that light, here are helpful resources shared in our chat that address each of the three goals:

Wellness in the Workplace Series – Philadelphia ACE Task Force Policy Committee

Our Virtual Cafes:  Featuring Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and The Support Center for Child Advocates

Toolkit:  Staff Resiliency Programs and related resources –  “ a work in progress” 

Google Form – tell us about your program: 

Review of PATF Policy Committee, Public Hearing, and Council Resolution:—2019-Highlights—Philadelphia-ACE-Task-Force.html?soid=1103305117675&aid=E8vBCbdiQYg 

To be added to the email list for Philadelphia ACE Task Force: 

Links about the film and filmmakers:
Rodney’s site:

Links from our organizers:


Transform Trauma Film Screening – Self Care Resources

ACEs Connection:

The Relentless School Nurse:






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