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The Relentless School Nurse: My Preparation Ritual Includes Sara Bareilles, Tears & Tissues

It took about 2 hours for my heart rate to return to normal after my interview with Lisa Ling. When I am preparing to do something high stakes, I listen to Sara Bareilles sing Brave over and over and over again. As I was getting ready to be interviewed live by Lisa Ling, I must have listened to Brave at least 10 times. It helps, the lyrics give me the confidence to find the right words. I always cry as I get ready, sometimes really ugly tears. It is a cleansing, and I also felt a tremendous responsibility to speak clearly, succinctly, and powerfully about the role of school nurses. As I got ready, listening to Sara Bareilles, shedding some tears, and clearing my head, I thought about you, my colleagues, and friends across the country and all that we have faced over the past 6 months.

Here is the result of my morning ritual, ugly crying, and finally reaching a place of calm where I was able to find the words to move the discussion of this pandemic forward. My segment begins at 32:00 minutes, but the full show is well worth watching.

Here is the video to Brave! It may resonate with you to find your brave too:


4 thoughts on “The Relentless School Nurse: My Preparation Ritual Includes Sara Bareilles, Tears & Tissues”

  1. Robin, you must have cried ugly because you were clear, succinct, and powerful. Lisa wants you on the National Pandemic team! I second that! So proud of you friend and you forgot to tell me about this interview this morning. You are just so relentless and so humble!!

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