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The Relentless School Nurse: COV Coach is Asking You to Join the COVID Vaccine Team!

Pediatrician, Dr. Christine Sheehan collaborated with animator Charles Meng to explain how the American community can join together to beat the pandemic by getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Meet COV Coach in this short and snappy animation about herd immunity. 

We can form a winning team to face the COVID-19 virus by joining the COVID vaccine team! Here are the 3 steps to beat the virus and gain herd immunity!

  1. Recruit a coach – COV Coach – the vaccine inside your body
  2. Recruit the best players – your immune system after the vaccine practicing for the championship game
  3. Game Day – you are ready, your immune system has practiced with the leadership of your COV coach. 

Herd immunity happens when we act together to beat this virus through vaccination! 

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