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The Relentless School Nurse: Nurses You Should Know: Helping Change the Nursing Narrative

When I published the blog post about Charity Collins, the first black school nurse who served the city of Atlanta in 1911, I was frustrated by the lack of accessible information. To my absolute delight, the post got the attention of “Nurses You Should Know,” a new initiative spearheaded by Joanna Seltzer Uribe, a Johnson & Johnson Innovation Fellow. Here is a description of the project, birthed from a desire to learn more about the history of nursing from an inclusive lens:

Nurses of color have long-shaped the nursing profession and transformed healthcare, but their stories are underrepresented in the broader nursing narrative. A new nurse-led project, “Nurses You Should Know,” is using storytelling to help close the representation gap by amplifying their contributions.

Joanna introduces the project in this article, originally published on the Johnson & Johnson Nursing  website: 

Nurses You Should Know: Helping Change the Nursing Narrative

The most recent article about “Nurses You Should Know” celebrates  Charity Collins Miles! I am thankful to Joanna and her team for lifting up the work of Ms. Collins Miles and sharing her groundbreaking but little-known, contribution to school nursing. 

Charity Collins Miles: First Black School Nurse






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