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The Relentless School Nurse: The Other Epidemic

America, there have been 45 mass shootings in the past month alone. When will it ever be enough to end the violence? There are more guns in this country than people. I am not against guns, I am against bullet holes in children and adults. We have a universal right to feel safe, it is violated time and time again. Wear a mask, lock up your guns, protect your children from the trauma of violence because it will haunt them all of days of their lives. Civility is a sign of strength and humanity. Care about your neighbors. Rant over, sadness continues, but it will not stop me from speaking out. 


3 thoughts on “The Relentless School Nurse: The Other Epidemic”

  1. So continuedly, tragically true. Our seemingly endless blood lust continues. I have some hope that this now is finally being seen as the epidemic it is and that research, and action will follow.

  2. Yes Robin! Also, a lot of attention is paid to mass shootings, but not enough attention paid to daily shootings here in Chicago. BIPOC people are heavily affected but this and it doesn’t get enough media attention. It’s almost like people are now desensitized to it!

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