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The Relentless School Nurse: Yes, That is a Deer Coming Out of the School Nurse’s Office

If anything could represent how unimaginable this school year has been it is this picture. Yes, that is a deer coming out of the school nurse’s office!

On the very last day of school, a doe crashes through the window of the school nurse’s office. The video shows how the staff responded and tracks the deer finding its way out of the building. By the way, the deer jumped over a student laying on a cot as it leaped through the window. I am curious though since this happened within the school nurse’s office, but they were not interviewed for this article? I would LOVE to hear from this courageous school nurse and send her a #RelentlessSchoolNurse sticker! If any of the readers of this blog know this nurse, please connect us!

In Roseau, Minn., school’s out for summer, but a deer wanted in A doe crashed through the school nurse’s office to cap what had already been a year like no other.

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