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The Relentless School Nurse: American Nurse Heroes Premiering June 24th on the Discovery Life channel!

Four years ago I launched my blog, The Relentless School Nurse. The impetus for starting the blog was to share stories from my health office, but I soon began reaching out to school nurses across the country to share their stories too. My goal was to amplify the voice of school nurses in public spaces so that people would learn the importance of having a school nurse in every building every day. 

Through the years of blogging and sharing stories on social media, especially Twitter, my readership has grown.  I have learned many lessons along the way. The most impactful lesson was through Nurse Media Strategist, Barbara Glickstein, who taught me that to make social media part of my school nursing practice. That one piece of sage advice has opened doors to opportunities that I could never have imagined. 

I am proud to share that the work of school nurses during COVID will be included in an upcoming TV special on the Discovery Life channel on Thursday, June 24th at 8:00 PM ET. I was interviewed for this special and while I do not know what will be included, I am very honored to have participated. You can view my full segment in this “Nurse Spotlight” video:

Here is the link to view the premiere on Thursday, June 24th, 8pm ET: 

2 thoughts on “The Relentless School Nurse: American Nurse Heroes Premiering June 24th on the Discovery Life channel!”

  1. robin, your impact is limitless. The valuable information that you share and highlight on social media changes the narrative of school nursing practice. You have put a spotlight on school nurse leaders whose impact affects the public health in their communities and states. I hope one day to be congratulating you at NASN, CDC, NIH, or HHS or wherever smart public health hero’s work and those administrators are smart enough to hire mastered and doctoral prepared nurse leaders. Keep it going! Now showing on national TV!! Well done!

    1. Cathy, thank you for your comments, but most importantly for your thoughtfulness and support!

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