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The Relentless School Nurse: What is on the Other Side of a Breaking Point?

How many ways can school nurses ask for help? Here are articles from the past 48 hours outlining the plight of what is happening in schools.  

Some lawmakers, school nurses, urge governor to do more

School Nurse Deficit Deepens as States Seek Relief

NJ School Nurses Wiped Out Mentally by COVID-19 Cases, Calls, Paperwork

Greenville County school nurses overwhelmed, exhausted in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic

School nurses overwhelmed as COVID-19 cases in schools continue to increase

School Nurse Shortages Worsen, Relief Funds Not Seen Helping With Staffing

Pandemic weighs on school nurses

School nurses overwhelmed, exhausted during COVID pandemic, some leave for higher pay

This is a smattering of headlines from the past 48 hours alone. I can’t help but worry about what is on the other side of our breaking point because clearly, we are there. I receive frequent messages from school nurses who are either resigning or have decided to submit the letter they have been holding onto for quite some time.  The glimmer of hope, vaccination for our youngest children being eligible within the next few weeks, is also fraught with concern because of the politicization of all things COVID-related.

What we can do is to provide support to each other. The next few months will be quite telling. Can we hang on to the thread of hope, that parents will agree to get their children vaccinated? What will happen if a large number of the eligible 28 million children do not get the vaccine? That is when we will know what lies beyond the breaking point. 



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  1. I think I’m wondering the same thing. Me at the end of August. “I’m going to throw everything, the kitchen sink at this, get pooled testing going and then…….” couldn’t finish the sentence but it had something vaguely to do with catching a break. Pooled testing well underway. Me at the end of September, “IDK how much longer we can hold on, going to throw the kitchen sink at this thing, vaccines are coming and then…….” Still can’t finish the sentence. Vaccine optimism tempered by recommendation by vax provider to plan on 20% of our eligible students. WHAT TO DO? It’s getting harder to make sense of things.

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