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The Relentless School Nurse: Georgia’s Valdosta City Schools’ Nurses Surprised with $10k Stipends!

One of the best stories of the pandemic happened today in Valdosta City Georgia. Each of the ten school nurses were surprised and celebrated with a stipend for $10,000.00, complete with balloons personally delivered by their building principals and district admnistrators.

On Wednesday, Valdosta City Schools’ nurses received a huge surprise!

Each of the 10 school nurses was presented with a $10,000 stipend for the work they have done during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Assistant superintendent for student support services, Beth DeLoach, applied for a grant offered through the Department of Public Health. The maximum amount to request was $100,000. DeLoach submitted the request for the entire amount to give as a stipend to the VCS school clinic nurses.

These nurses did not see this coming.

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Valdosta City Schools’ nurses presented with $10k bonus


5 thoughts on “The Relentless School Nurse: Georgia’s Valdosta City Schools’ Nurses Surprised with $10k Stipends!”

  1. I would encourage EVERYBODY to talk with their admin about this. We just found something in the teacher’s contract about a 20% stipend for teaching an extra class. That’s a big deal! Guess what? We are “teaching extra classes” and going for the 20%

      1. Phew…..eerily quiet today. Might be looking up at the sole of a shoe about to drop.

  2. Our district (Ann Arbor Public Schools) also gave us all school nurses a 10K bonus, spread out over the year. For us, the recognition was (almost) as important as the money. I wish every single school nurse could be honored this way!

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