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The Relentless School Nurse: Corbi Consulting is Open for Business!


Meet Carolyn Shultz (Corbi,) CEO of Corbi Consulting


Carolyn Corbi is an educator, trainer and content expert who is passionate about social justice, urban education, and the power of community to lead change. I have known Carolyn for more than twenty years in my family life, but I am connected to her in my professional life too! How lucky that we reunited over a shared purpose to bring Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) education to schools.  Carolyn recently opened a boutique consulting firm creating spaces for Social, Racial, Economic Justice and Equity work. To find out more about her consulting services, click the link to her newly minted website:

Corbi Consulting

Bio: Carolyn L. Schultz (Corbi), M.A. is a seasoned educator and union activist. She taught in the Pennsauken Public School district for over 31 years where she educated students with special needs grades Pre-K thru and including 12th grade. Her third year teaching, in the late 80’s, she was awarded the Governor’s Award for Teacher of the Year for her school. In Pennsauken , she continuously fought for the rights of her students and was actively involved with their independence and their self efficacy, along with their education. Carolyn has been awarded many grants for the special needs programming at Pennsauken High School and the Pennsauken Education Association. Throughout her tenure, Carolyn worked as an Association Representative for over 25 years. She held many union positions; as Grievance Chairwoman from 2012 to 2014 and President of her 500 member local union from 2014 to 2017. In 2017, Carolyn became an Organizational Consultant for the New Jersey Education Association where she was active in the South Jersey Anti-Privatization Coalition. This coalition spoke up for Educational Support Personnel that were being replaced with private companies. As of 2019, Carolyn retired from public education to take a role as an NJEA Priority School Initiative Consultant. In her role she is working alongside association members, educators and administration to remedy inequities in three urban school districts by addressing labor and management issues; teacher leadership and addressing trauma in those school buildings. She has been a circle practitioner for over 5 years and has been trained by some of the most renowned and international circle practitioners. Carolyn has adopted The Art of Hosting techniques to uplift participatory leadership which include World Cafe, Chaordic Stepping Stones, Open Space and ProAction Cafe. She is a certified ACEs Interface Master Trainer and has presented and trained this curriculum in many spaces throughout the state of New Jersey. Her most current trainings have occurred in over 20 schools piloting a Healing Centered Engagement Program, several CASA programs and several college classes. She is working with NJEA to create spaces for Social, Racial, Economic Justice and Equity work both in and out of the NJEA organization.

Carolyn was a guest on The Relentless School Nurse: In Conversation in May of 2020. Click below to watch our discussion:

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