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The Relentless School Nurse: Massachusetts School Nurse Organization (MSNO) Created an Advocacy Guide to Speak to Legislators

Our colleagues in the great state of Massachusetts have created a step-by-step guide, including a script and talking points, to speak to legislators about our most pressing COVID-related issues. MSNO, a legislative powerhouse, is once again leading the way and sharing its resources with all of us! 

There are more than 96,000 school nurses across the country who are on the front lines of COVID-19 in school. Imagine the impact of each and every one of us calling our state legislators to voice our concerns and solutions to the unsustainable workload that we have shouldered for far too long. Thank you MSNO and the school nurses of Massachusetts for your leadership and advocacy, it helps all of us!

This Tweet is why I value the use of social media. We can use Twitter and other platforms to inform, educate, and activate! I reached out to Jennny Gormley to ask for permission to post MSNO’s excellent how-to guide with my readers. Thank you Jenny, and the team at MSNO for your professional generosity!

Here is a link to the guide:

Script for MA school nurses calling legislators about workload Nov 2021

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