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The Relentless School Nurse: The Most Widely Read Blogs of 2021 are a Window into Pandemic School Nursing

The Relentless School Nurse blog was launched in 2017 and each year I share the most widely read blogs. When I ran the data for 2021, the top 5 blogs are a window into another challenging year of pandemic school nursing. Thank you to the readers of my blog. I have the deepest appreciation to you for taking the time to read, share, and comment on The Relentless School Nurse blog topics. Special appreciation to those guest bloggers whose stories I had the privilege to publish this year.

As we turn the calendar to 2022, I am sitting in a space of reflection on what has happened and what is coming. Part of me wants to stay in bed with the covers over my head and the other part of me wants to seize this new year with the ferocity of protection that will be required to continue to keep students and school staff safe. 

The Relentless School Nurse: Who Does That?

The Relentless School Nurse: Kudos to The School Nurse Who Called Out the School Board Bully

The Relentless School Nurse: How Many Times Do We Need to Shout “This is Not Sustainable!”?

The Relentless School Nurse: ‘I Love my Job, But This Year Has Broken Me’

The Relentless School Nurse: “I can’t take another minute of this”, is no Longer a Figure of Speech.


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