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The Relentless School Nurse: An Important Request from Academy Award Winning Filmmaker, Rayka Zehtabchi 

This is an important opportunity for school nurses to contribute our perspective and school-level experiences with period equity and the role of the school nurse.  Early in the pandemic, I wrote about the award winning documentary, Period. End of Sentence with a link to open access film: The Relentless School Nurse: It’s Time For Period Equity. Period. The film’s director, Rayka Zehtabchi, reached out to Holly David from School Nursing Facebook page and shared the following request:

Dear School Nurses:

I am the filmmaker behind the Academy-Award winning documentary, Period. End of Sentence., which is centered on a group of women in Northern India who start a business making and selling sanitary pads to combat the stigma around menstruation and create access to pads for the women in their community.

I was speaking with the heads of The Pad Project (non-profit org that I’m a board member of) and we were all trying to brainstorm how the org could help to bring more funding/access to menstrual hygiene products in schools. We thought it might be really effective to conduct a survey to get some more data on what the needs might be across the country. It would be immensely helpful to hear from nurses themselves.

Thank you for your time, and more importantly, thank you for the valuable work that you do as a nurse!

– Rayka Zehtabchi 


Click link below to fill out the survey:

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