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The Relentless School Nurse -Remember Amelia, the little Ukrainian girl singing in a Bomb Shelter? Her stage is now much BIGGER!

We first met Amelia after a video of her singing her heart out in the Ukranian bombshelter to the tune of “Let it Go,” from the movie Frozen. The world has noticed and now Amelia is singing on a much bigger stage, one that is not surrounded by war and air raid sirens.

The Relentless School Nurse: #LetItGoAmelia🇺🇦 – Standing in Solidarity with Ukraine

Here is Amelia’s remarkable story and a video of her most recent venue in Poland where she sang a stirring rendition of the Ukrainian National Anthem!

Learn more about Amelia’s journey and how she reached this moment:

Ukrainian girl who sang Let It Go in bomb shelter performs in Poland

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