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The Relentless School Nurse: Quiet Rooms – Transforming Narratives of Gun Violence


Transforming Narratives of Gun Violence


Transforming narratives of gun violence through the arts is an inspired collaboration that centers the voices of the community members impacted by gun violence.

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We need to interrupt sensational, racialized, and politicized narratives of gun violence. We need to restore urgency, dignity, and humanity to these narratives. We do this by coming alongside those most impacted to tell their own stories.

Through collaborative storytelling that brings together a leading media and communication college with those closest to the problem of gun violence in Boston, we seek to inspire solutions and interrupt cycles of violence.

The Engagement Lab at Emerson College has partnered with the Gun Violence Prevention Center at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute in a three-year initiative to transform narratives of gun violence.

Through this collaboration, students and faculty at Emerson are coming alongside individuals and organizations deeply connected to the issue of gun violence locally, to explore together the impact of dominant narratives and to co-create story-based solutions through arts, media, and communications.

Here is the most recent short film – “Quiet Rooms, an honest and poetic reflection about the impacts and root causes of gun violence in Boston’s communities.” 

Credit: Spring 2022, Peace Institute, Eric Gordon, Theodore “Regge” Life, Parent, Black, Woman, Urban, Medical Professional, Video

This 20-minute documentary about the impacts and root causes of gun violence was co-created by Emerson students and community members. The bracingly honest interviews featured in this piece reflect the trust in process that was made possible through truly collaborative work. The “direct animation” or painted film strips seen throughout the film were created by students and partners in response to the prompt: “represent how you feel when you think about gun violence in your life and in your community.” The result is visually stunning and emotionally charged transitions throughout.

If you or someone you know has been impacted by gun violence and are in need of support or services, please click here for resources.


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