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The Relentless School Nurse: #WearOrange for Gun Violence Awareness



Special appreciation to Sue Anolick of South Jersey Moms Deman Action for inviting me to be one of the presenters at the Kick-Off Rally for the 8th annual National Gun Violence Awareness Day. The event was held on a beautiful later spring/early summer evening in the Norcross-McLaughlin Memorial Dell, named after Investigator John McLaughlin and  Officer John Norcross killed delivering a warrant.  It was a special evening, one of many being held across the country. We all look forward to the day these events are no longer necessary.

Here is a recap of the evening:

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  1. Great job as always! Thank you!!! I just learned from this recap the reason for wearing orange….OF COURSE IT’S THE BEST CHOICE! I’ve got mine on, thank you all!!!

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