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The Relentless School Nurse: Sometimes Fathers are the Mothers of Inventions

I have been following the fascinating career of Annalyce (Annie) D’Agostino for more than five years. Among her many talents, Annie is a content creator for our youngest children. You may remember her early childhood video series called Blooming Buddies.  Annie has now teamed up with a friend and fellow creative, Adam Boyer, to bring an inspired idea to life in a BIG way. The product is called Focus Posters

At Focus Posters, we believe that every child deserves to feels empoweredwith resources that matter. Building on the known success of visual schedules, chore charts, and action plans, Focus Posters revitalizes task management by offering the first made-for-your-child solution with characters that look like them, supporting the routines that work for themWhen you conquer the ordinary, extraordinary happens.

You can find out more about Annie and Adam’s journey to bring Focus Posters to the public and order your own personalized poster in multiple languages by meandering through their colorful and educational website:

The end goal isn’t just about a tidy room. It’s about providing our Focus Posters Community with daily motivation and way-finders to thrive in the ordinary and extraordinary moments of their everyday lives. Learn more about how Focus Posters strives to support children’s executive functioning skills, sense of control, independence, and self esteem here.

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