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The Relentless School Nurse: “Girls on the Brink” by Donna Jackson Nakazawa Debuts on September 13th!

If you are in search of an excellent book club choice or looking for a fascinating read, here is a suggestion for your next book! Science journalist and brilliant author Donna Jackson Nakazawa has delivered another beautifully written book, this time focused on our girls. Donna has a gift for scientific storytelling, steeped in research and evidence, but written with a flow that takes the reader on a journey of discovery.

Girls on the Brink faces the enormous challenges of raising daughters but also provides a roadmap, steeped in evidence, to enable our girls to flourish, in spite of extreme societal conditions. Donna has a gift for digging deeply into the science of being human and unearths stories that reframe the complexities of life, like raising girls, into focus through a new lens. 

For my school nurse colleagues, Girls on the Brink is highly recommended to understand how we can help our students thrive in turbulent times. I can envision sharing this book with girls’ parents and hosting a book club! What an important topic to share with parents, especially of our prepubescent girls. 

The book offers a roadmap that features:

15 revelatory strategies for raising emotionally healthy girls, based on cutting-edge science that explains the modern pressures that make it so difficult for adolescent girls to thrive.

Donna and I met on Twitter several years ago and I have carefully followed her incredible career with awe and appreciation. One of my greatest honors was her invitation to be interviewed for Girls on the Brink and to my delight and amazement, several of my quotes are included in the book! 

The book, her sixth, is being released on September 13th and you have a chance to order early with a preorder bonus!  Here is a link to preorder Girls on the Brink!

Ahead of the release of my new book, GIRLS ON THE BRINK, I’m delighted to offer you an exclusive preorder bonus. Purchase your copy today to receive a sneak peek excerpt from the Introduction, on what compelled me, personally, to write this book, and from the chapter, Is This a Toxic Era for Girls?, which reveals the emotional struggles our girls are facing during these turbulent times. – Donna Jackson Nakazawa

Donna Jackson Nakazawa is an award-winning journalist and internationally-recognized speaker whose work explores the intersection of neuroscience, immunology, and human emotion. Her mission is to translate emerging science in ways that help those with chronic conditions find healing.”

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