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The Relentless School Nurse: Vote


My message today is a simple one: VOTE 

  • Vote your conscience.
  • Vote for candidates who believe that healthcare is a human right.
  • Vote for candidates who value protecting our children and teens from gun violence
  • Vote for candidates that uphold human dignity.
  • Vote for candidates that support diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging
  • Vote for candidates that respect the rights of people, no matter how they identify. 
  • Vote for candidates that are committed to finding common ground.
  • Vote for candidates that do not demean and demoralize or “other” people who may hold differing beliefs or lifestyles.
  • Vote for candidates that respect science.
  • Vote for candidates that support peaceful discourse.
  • Vote for candidates that you can feel proud to stand by.
  • Vote for candidates who understand that America is a nation of nations.
  • Vote for candidates who support programs that you may never need, but are thankful they are available, because you or your family may one day need help too.
  • Vote for candidates who understand the urgency of now when it comes to climate justice, restorative justice, reproductive justice, and more.
  • Vote for candidates who are the solid objects in the room, and are not bought by those with the deepest pocketbooks.
  • Vote for candidates who understand that we, as Americans strive for a more perfect union, not a divided one.
  • Vote for candidates who can compromise but not fold, who can find common ground with peaceful debate, not dirty tactics.
  • Vote for candidates who you will be proud to tell your children and grandchildren you supported.
  • Vote for candidates who know that the future has already arrived and we are far behind when it comes to protecting our planet.
  • Vote for candidates who meet this moment with grace, dignity, and convictions, not rhetoric and sound bites.
  • Vote like your life and the life of your loved ones depends on it because it does.





3 thoughts on “The Relentless School Nurse: Vote”

  1. Exactly. VOTE!! Write letters to editors. VOTE. Knock on doors. VOTE. Think about your kids, grandkids, neighbors, friends. VOTE.

  2. This. 8 days a week! I hope and pray enough people that vote see where we could be headed and vote accordingly.

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