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The Relentless School Nurse: I am a Jewish Woman Who is Speaking Out

The Nazi party was started by 3 people. I will not sit silently as the rapid rise of antisemitism swirls all around in the vitriol of hate that is festering in our country. The election is just eight days away. Violence is now part of our political discourse. With the rise of White Supremacists promoting hatred through racism, misogyny, “othering,” anti-immigration, anti-LBGTQ+, and transphobia, by targeting marginalized groups, do you see that “they” are coming for many of us?  Do we sit back and just shake our heads, but remain silent? I cannot and will not.

Our democracy is literally on the brink of collapse. This is not hyperbole, this is a fact. The silence of lawmakers on the heels of the vicious attack on Speaker Pelosi’s husband is startling. Violence spreads like a virus, fueled by the conspiracy theorists that are driving the outrageous attacks we are witnessing in real-time. What we are living through is much more than a political divide, it is a shift in the norms of what it means to be an American. Our only antidote to the virus of hate is to speak out, speak up, and vote like your life depends on it because it literally does. 

The world has been here before, in the silence of the rise of Hitler. Hitler’s rise and fall: Timeline

“You may know the words from this famous quote, but do you know who said it and why? German pastor Martin Niemöller supported the Nazis before worrying signs propelled him to criticize Hitler from the pulpit. In 1937, the Gestapo arrested him for this opposition, and he spent almost eight years in concentration camps. After the Holocaust, Niemöller called for acknowledgment of German guilt. As our current moment draws us to Niemöller’s words once again, Museum experts will discuss their origins and reflect on their enduring power to inspire individuals to act and recognize our common humanity.” – retrieved from the video “The Danger of Indifference.”

7 thoughts on “The Relentless School Nurse: I am a Jewish Woman Who is Speaking Out”

  1. Oh Robin, beautifully said. The silence is deafening. For the life of me, I will never understand the way some people think or act. The physical attack in Mr Pelosi, and the subsequent online verbal attacks, from sitting US Congressmen, is vile and disgusting. We are in my deep stuff if the R’s win next week Thank you for using your voice and platform.

  2. Thank you for your clarion call to action. As a daughter of the Holocaust named after my grandmother and one of my aunts killed in Auschwitz, I know that complacency has a tremendous cost. Thanks again for advocating for action.

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