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The Relentless School Nurse: Thank you Project N95 for Providing Protection

Today is our first day back to school after a much-needed holiday break. My Camden, New Jersey school district is one of two in NJ that is instituting a temporary return to universal masking following our break. I am so thankful to the team at Project N95  for providing more than 7,000 adult and 5,000 preschool-size masks for my district. The power of social media once again offers connections that would have not been possible without relationships built, albeit virtual. I “met” Marilyn Levi-Baumgarten on Twitter and learned about the mission of Project N95. The organization has delivered on its vision to Protect.Prepare.Empower communities through “equitable access to affordable, authentic” masks and other COVID-19-related products.

Please consider supporting this organization which has worked tirelessly through the pandemic to meet the needs of school districts like mine.

I am a grateful school nurse that Project N95 has enabled me to provide high-quality protection to the students and staff in my school district. My heart is as full as my car, knowing that we have the supplies to keep our school communities safe as we venture back after the break. I can’t wait to distribute them this morning! 



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  1. Fantastic!!!!! I’m envious of your district’s decision to mask up for a couple of weeks and would be curious to hear how many others have taken this SENSIBLE approach.

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