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The Relentless School Nurse: School Nurses and Other Mental Health Professionals in Schools Are Not OK – Part 2 

Another wonderful contribution from Wendy Lamparelli RN MEd. CSN-NJ! Thank you

Wendy Lamparelli RN MEd. CSN-NJ! Thank you


School nurses and other mental health professionals in schools are not ok – part 2 


Our cups have holes in them. 
Though we try and do the self care, stay present and fill the cups of others we are drowning 
the needs are great , they go beyond academics.
The influx of immigrant students who carry the luggage of poverty, despair and trauma present at our doorstep are placed into classrooms without the skills, tools and people in between to lighten the load of the bag they carry. 
These children and their families equate to patients in the ER with chest pain not a broken toe. Imagine 10 at once who need immediate cardiac care. 
The acuity is higher than ever. The resources are few. The people we call to help need helpers themselves. 
What are we to do? 
Here was my Part 1 – published during COVID: The Relentless School Nurse: #NursesAreNotOK

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