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The Relentless School Nurse: For the Upcoming School Year, Let’s Vow to Create Healthy Boundaries versus Growing Thick Skin!


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As a seasoned school nurse, I’ve often heard the phrase, “You need thick skin for this job,” and while it’s meant to be a badge of honor, it doesn’t sit well with me. While resilience can be helpful in handling challenging situations, it doesn’t shield us from the impact of hurtful words or difficult moments.

Instead of glorifying the idea of thick skin, what if we fostered a culture that values kindness and open discussions? Imagine having the time and support to talk about our challenges, find solutions together, and prioritize our well-being. Rather than being expected to bounce back instantly, we should be encouraged to take time to recharge our batteries and address the toll that constant emergencies and demands take on us.

School nursing is more than just a job; we are caring for youth, an intense challenge, and responsibility. The overwhelming demands can sometimes overshadow the need for self-care. Having proper staffing in our offices would make a world of difference and alleviate some of the pressures we face daily. 

I don’t want to boast about my thick skin or carry invisible battle scars from this job. What I truly desire is to work in a healing-centered environment, where I can offer calm and compassion without feeling overwhelmed. I want to rediscover my love for this profession and approach each day with enthusiasm, not dread.

Above all, feeling safe at work is essential. As school nurses, we play a crucial role in maintaining the health and well-being of students and staff, and we deserve the respect and support to carry out our responsibilities effectively.

In essence, school nursing should not be solely about needing to be tough; it should be about caring for each other and creating an environment where we can thrive and provide our best care to the school community. Let’s prioritize our well-being, set healthy boundaries, and work collaboratively to build a supportive and nurturing workplace for all school nurses.

Illustration from Healing Meme Therapy





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