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The Relentless School Nurse: You Will Never Forget This PSA – Goodbye 60

The Maryland U.S. Attorney’s Office has released a poignant public service announcement urging residents to take action against gun violence. This 60-second video, which premiered just before the Baltimore Ravens home opener, unfolds in a city classroom, capturing a heart-wrenching moment as a girl shares a final interaction with her brother before receiving devastating news.

The office is championing an approach known as Project Safe Neighborhoods, which incorporates prevention, intervention, strategic law enforcement, and community engagement to combat gun violence and ensure community safety.

Maryland U.S. Attorney Erek Barron stated, “Gun violence affects not just one person or family but ripples through friends, parents, employers, and neighbors, compelling everyone to confront the profound consequences of gun violence. We are uniting law enforcement, community organizations, and private citizens in pursuit of a common goal: safeguarding our communities.”

This advertisement was a collaborative effort with ROCA, a nonprofit organization specializing in intervention with young men who are at the highest risk of involvement in gun violence.


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