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The Relentless School Nurse: A Peace Poster for the Planet

Unity by Anja Rozen, age 13


This message of peace and connection comes from Anja Rozen, a 13-year-old artist who lives in Slovenia. Anja won the Lion’s Club International Peace Poster Contest in 2022. Her explanation of the poster is a message to the world about our interdependence and the need to care for the earth and each other. It is important to embrace this image and message and juxtapose it with the pain and suffering in the world. Let’s listen to the children…

Unity, the title of Anja’s art poster, was chosen among 600,000 children from all over the world.

My poster represents the earth that connects and unites us. People stick to each other. If one person lets go, the rest will fall. We are all connected to our planet and to each other, but unfortunately, we are little aware of it. – Anja Rozen, age 13, artist statement
























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